Kind Words

Thank-you again for all your help with Sawyer, every day since we've seen you his nursing has steadily improved and is taking less pumped milk. I haven't weighed him, but he looks chunkier and feels heavier too. He is also a lot happier and his smiles seem fuller :)

- Raquel

“I am fortunate to have known Dallas as a student, intern and colleague for 10 years. She is a compassionate, experienced and knowledgeable lactation consultant and I happily refer breastfeeding mothers to her, as I am confident they will get a high level of care and attention." Dr. Jack Newman, MD, FRCPC

- Dr. Jack Newman

Dallas was very knowledgeable and supportive throughout the challenges that I had with breastfeeding. She was always available to provide advice, regardless of the day or time. She is someone that I have relied on to assist me throughout the stages on my son's life, including starting solids. I would highly recommend her services.

- Catherine L.

I highly recommend Dallas for all first time moms and anyone whose goal is to breast feed! I can’t say enough good things about Dallas!  She was such a life saver for my son and my husband and I. We are so grateful!  After studying the incredible benefits of breastfeeding for my baby’s health (and also the health of mother), to be able to exclusively breast feed was a huge goal of mine. Before I gave birth to my son Asher I attended one of Dallas breast feeding classes (I found via Google) which was very foundational. But after having four days of induced labor and then a c section my head was in such a whirl and as a first time mom to be able to apply what I had learned from the class was hard. After my son was born I thought I was unable to breast feed as it was very difficult to say the least.  I called Dallas from the hospital in tears as I really thought my son was starving as he seemed so hungry. Dallas was tremendous in encouraging me on what I could do while in the hospital (which none of the hospital staff told me) and that was key. Also she was willing to meet me at my house as soon as I got home from the hospital which was so instrumental. I was an inch away from throwing in the towel but Dallas saved the day. She right away helped me with proper latch positions, a Rx cream for raw and sore breasts,  what to look for in a suck vs sallow, establishing milk supply (and then later over milk supply :)) As a first time mom I had so many questions  and fears and she was so supportive in encouraging me. I had three one on one sessions with her but also she was always available via phone/text/ or email. I am so happy that I was and still am able to do my goal of exclusively breast feeding though it has not been easy. Dallas is very kind, highly professional, very thorough and knowledgeable of her job, encouraging, available and you can tell she really cares. I feel having a good Lactation Consultant lined up is just as important as choosing a good Doctor or Midwife. Just in case you encounter any difficulties with breast feeding be sure to have her on your speed dial and take her number with you when you give birth so you can call her from the hospital if you need to.  It was worth every penny to see Dallas and my husband and I felt there is no price you can put on your child and mothers health when it comes to breastfeeding. It has not been easy but breast feeding has been extremely rewarding. And my beautiful son Asher was never starving as he was and continues to be off the top of the chart.  Thank you Dallas!

- Theresa S.