COVID-19 Update

To all my past, current and future clients:

I am so sorry that you find yourself in need of help with breastfeeding at such a difficult time. I know that breastfeeding can be challenging in the best of times and my heart goes out to you. I am available for virtual consultations as well as home consultations at this time and I am committed to helping you in the best way I can.

I offer personalized, consistent guidance, with care that is tailored to you and your baby, whatever your needs may be. From the moment we connect, I hope to be your “go to” breasfeeding support until you and your baby wean. I don’t want you to endure any conflicting or confusing information. When I commit to you, I am available to the best of my ability to be there for you as much as you need me.

What to expect the first time we meet at your prenatal session:

Meeting with me before your baby is born is ideal! It gives us a chance to talk about what to expect when it comes to breastfeeding, as well as any special breastfeeding concerns you may have. So many mamas I meet with, tell me that they wish they had met me sooner…so why not establish a connection before baby arrives, as this gives us a jumpstart on tackling any issues that may occur after your baby is born. Small obstacles are easier to overcome than large ones!

What to expect the first time we meet at your postnatal session:

At your breastfeeding session, I will take your history (if I haven’t had the good fortune of meeting you beforehand), by listening and gathering information from you about your breastfeeding experience and concerns or challenges. I will observe you and your baby while breastfeeding, and support you the best way I can, in finding a comfortable position and effective latch. I will answer all your questions, and based on my observations and your history, assess what I think the challenge is, and then talk with you to come up with a supportive and effective plan, that you feel positive about. Session length varies, and is typically 1.5 hours, depending on how the feeding goes and how much support you are in need of.

Consultation Fees

Home visit: $150 (offered to mamas living locally in the White Rock/South Surrey area) * If you live outside this area, please contact me for details.

Office visit: $100 (not currently available)

Telephone or Virtual consultation: $85

I only accept eTransfers at this time.