Breastfeeding After Breast Surgery

If you have had breast surgery and want to breastfeed, know this…you CAN feed your baby at the breast.

Dr. Jack Newman says, “there’s more to breastfeeding than breast milk”. So, even if you are not able to provide a full milk supply for your baby, whatever milk you do provide is extremely important for your baby’s immunological and digestive health. Your baby will love to be held by you, will love to smell your skin, look you in the eye from a cradled position and bask in your love. Some mothers choose to provide extra milk to their baby while breastfeeding, by using a lactation aid, or supplementary nursing system. This is simply a tube that sits alongside the nipple, and so when your baby latches onto your breast and suckles, your baby gets breast milk directly from you, and also from the container of milk that the tube runs to. There are also different herbal supplements and even a medication, that you can take, that may increase the amount of milk you are able to provide.

If you would like more information about breastfeeding after surgery, contact me. I am here to support you and your baby before the birth, and afterwards.

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